IWS provides conservative and surgical healthcare practice that you can trust

Founded in 2010, IWS is China’s leading healthcare provider in delivering innovative comprehensive treatments of orthopedic and spine problems using non‐surgical procedures, minimally-invasive techniques as well as complex surgeries, with outcome and safety rates on par with some of the best orthopedic hospitals in the United States And Europe. With locations in Shanghai, Guangzhou and now Beijing, IWS provides international medical services in the fields of Accidents and Trauma, Sports Injuries, Neck and Back Pain Management, Spine Surgery, and Pediatrics.

IWS has performed more than 1000 surgeries and procedures in China to date. The surgeries are performed at the highest-tier international hospitals meeting international standards for safety, care, staff, and equipment. More importantly, IWS orthopedic specialists live and work full-time in China, meaning they are available in case of emergency and will personally supervise throughout the entire procedure, follow-up and recovery process.

IWS got its start by providing the surgical team for the U.S. athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and being appointed the Official Healthcare Provider to the 2008 US Olympic Teams. IWS has since partnered with private hospitals and international clinics by offering western-trained medical professionals including orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, pain management specialist, and athletic trainers to provide an outstanding healthcare experience for the expat and local families in China.

IWS Partners

IWS collaborates with a number of different organizations to provide top quality care for international schools and athletic groups, both recreational and professional, across China.