CNY Fitness

As Chinese New Year rapidly approaches, most of us are of course excited and eagerly anticipating another festive period where delicious food and drink are aplenty.

However,  there’s also an ever increasing number of us who are concerned about allowing all that hard running, gym work, or healthy eating to go down the drain over an indulgent week of feasting! 

The Most Unhealthy Diet Habit

What’s the #1 diet habit holding you back? Are we talking about eating pizza at 3am? Eating chips and drinking soda? Eating on the run? While all of these are pretty detrimental to your health and happiness, it’s still not the most detrimental diet habit. What’s the worst culprit? 

Is Your Diet Keeping You In Pain?

Working in Sports Medicine and Spine care, it is expected that almost every patient will come in with a pain-related injury. With expats being so active in Shanghai, knee injuries from extreme workouts or back pain from playing rugby are regular encounters.  While standard medical care, including physical therapy, medication, injections and bracing, remains the primary approach to treatment,