Sitting Down for Hours Speeds up Aging

Elderly People who spend most of their time sitting down age significantly quicker than more active contemporaries, according to new research.

A study of 1,500 pensioners found those who kept to a sedentary position for ten hours or more a day and who did less than 40 minutes moderate physical activity had the bodies of people eight years older.


Yoga: An Effective Treatment for Back Pain?

Exercise is viewed as a great long term, complimentary option for pain relief. However, finding a program you can stick with, while being effective and safe, is a challenge. Yoga has gained an enthusiastic following for all sorts of health benefits including managing back pain.


Is Lack of Sunlight Keeping you in Pain?

In our health-conscious society that has developed in the last 30 years, great focus has been placed on taking steps to prevent medical problems like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. With skin cancer being directly linked to sun exposure and frequent sunburns, a number of methods have arisen to reduce these factors: high SPF level sunblock,


Smoking and Back Pain

For years, research has shown a link between smoking and an increased risk for low back pain, intervertebral (spine) disc disease, and inferior patient outcomes following surgery.

Simple Walking Exercise could Rid you of Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common complaint, and treatment can often require many hours of physical therapy over multiple weekly clinic visits — a costly commitment. Now, for the 80 percent of the adult population who complain about back pain, there’s a new therapy that has shown promising results. And it starts as easily as stepping out of your door.

Rock Climbing can Treat Back Pain

Have you ever been home, laid up with back pain and thought to yourself, “You know what would really make me feel good right now? Rock climbing!”. Yeah, me neither. The common sense in most of us would conclude that sports and activities, such as rock climbing, would only contribute to the problem. However, new research out of Germany is flying in the face of these commonly held beliefs. 


A Guide to Managing Back Pain Post-Pregnancy

So, the baby is born, the pregnancy is over and you are immediately able to get back to the body and health you had nine months back, right? So, after you stop laughing, the answer is right in front of you: No! Besides the obvious change in your life, frequently there are undesired reminders of the previous nine months that are still sticking around: weight,

Let your Pain Float Away: Swimming to Reduce Lower Back Pain

When you live with back pain, simple tasks become difficult, quick errands require more time, and taking road trips with your family is a challenge. From sitting on planes, trains and automobiles for hours at a time to lugging heavy suitcases from city to city, travelling can be irritating to both your stress levels and to back pain.