Baobei Foundation



Today, almost all of China’s unwanted children have disabilities. Thousands of new cases of abandoned children are reported each day.

Founded in 2008, Baobei Foundation provides surgeries and post-surgical rehabilitation for Chinese orphans with life-threatening birth defects. 

Precious Child, Precious Life

The name Baobei, which means precious child in Chinese, reflects our belief that each child is precious and each child has a unique contribution to make to this world. Baobei Foundation has provided over 200 surgeries for over 100 orphans who were near death, but are now healthy and living with permanent families.

Dr. Ed Southern's Involvement with Baobei Foundation

An expert in Pediatric Orthopedics specializing on pediatric spinal deformity and disorders, Dr. Ed Southern volunteers as the chief physician for Baobei Foundation. Dr. Southern has performed on more than 100 kids to date and continues to assure the best possible care for Baobei orphans and children.

Dr. Southern believes these children are the future and that physical and financial difficulties should not deny them a place in shaping that future.

“We have to work to create the society we want to see. Someone has to create that culture of love and compassion.”

– Dr. Ed Southern

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