1. Is surgery safe in China? Are hospitals up to international standards?

IWS has performed more than 1000 surgeries and procedures in China and have outcomes compared to the finest hospitals in the world. We use the highest tier international hospitals that meet international standards for safety, care, staff, equipment, and, in turn, produce great outcomes. Moreover, IWS policies and procedures are in place everywhere we operate. For complex spine surgery, we operate at Foshan hospital, where the spine team that supports us performed 700 surgeries in 2015 alone.

2. Why do some people advise to have surgery in Hong Kong or Thailand, and what are the disadvantages of having surgery there?

Although costs may be fractionally lower in those two countries, only IWS offers an expertly trained, western orthopedic spine specialist that is available to you throughout the entire surgery and recovery process. When you fly to Hong Kong or Thailand, that may be your first and last time seeing your surgeon. He or she may or may not speak English, and obviously will not return with you to China. If there were any complications or severe pain you are entirely on your own – you would need to fly back to your surgical site for your doctor to see you – let’s hope insurance covers that! Our doctors live and work in China and can attend to you through the entire process.

3. Will IWS provide care if I get surgery elsewhere?

Unfortunately that is not possible. Surgeries performed elsewhere rarely provide procedure notes. We have tried to deal with numerous patients who failed surgery abroad and it is very difficult if not impossible to advise on remedial or even follow-up care if we are not certain as to exactly what was done or why.

4. What can I expect of IWS during the surgical process?

IWS manages the entire process. Our insurance coordinator handles all payment issues. Our staff takes care of all the logistics– if travel is needed she arranges all your transportation, a comfortable hotel, and meals of your choice. We provide an internationally trained, English speaking orthopedic nurse to ensure you have professional care available throughout the procedure and recovery process-something even “back home” does not provide. IWS also works with you on rehabilitation to make sure you get the best outcome.

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