IWS Athletic Trainer At Western Academy of Beijing Rugby Tournament

IWS Athletic Trainer Ciara Daraghi was on hand to provide first-aid services at this year Tiger Cup Rugby Tournament, which took place at Western Academy Beijing (WAB) International School. Our Orthopedic and Trauma Specialist Dr. Fabijan Cukelj was also onsite to guide the athletic trainers and medical staff on treating injuries for student athletes.

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About IWS Athletic Training Internship Program

Since 2012, IWS has sponsored certified athletic trainers as well as athletic training students from United States and Canada for a year-long Athletic Training Internship. The Internship has allowed IWS to partner with many of the international schools, professional sports teams and clubs throughout China. The list includes the National Football Leauge (NFL), Chinese Basketball Association (CBA); Concordia International School, Shanghai American School, Western Academy of Beijing, and International School of Beijing.

This year we have invited 4 athletic trainers that are currently based in Beijing (Ciara Daraghi and Randen Morisako), Shanghai (Amanda Roberts) and Guangzhou (Kyle Gallagher).IWS continues to grow as the premium healthcare option in China by providing athletic training outreach services.

For more information about the Athletic Training Internship, please click here.