IWS launches Health Activity Initiative

On Saturday July 2, IWS launched the inaugural Health Activity Initiative event in Shanghai. Health Activity Initiative (H.A.I.) is a comprehensive wellness plan for kids aged 4-11 and families focusing on the importance of a healthy lifestyle – making exercise and fitness a lifelong habit. Health Activity Initiative uses smartphone app to deliver daily original health education and fitness programs in an engaging way while collaborating with sports and activity providers to provide access to fun and active indoor and outdoor programming.

Health Activity Initiative

Here are what Health Activity Initiative offers

  • Every weekend at multiple locations/venues (indoor and/or outdoor) in Shanghai.
  • Events rich in safe and fun activities– developing interest for sport and activity, creating a lifestyle of healthy habits.
  • Environment for international integration– HAI’s Western and Chinese coaches/staff encouraging kids to learn and play a variety of different sports and activities.
  • Medical specialists on-site– providing health and physical educational seminars for parents.

Health Activity Initiative

Our Health Activity Initiative members will have the opportunity to participate in challenges that will help them learn the basics about exercise and movement followed up with informational health quizzes as they advance through their journey leading up to the H.A.I. Big Field Weekends. The content provided has been developed by IWS doctors, child development experts, athletic trainers and various health care professionals.

Health Activity Initiative

Benefits of Becoming a Health Activity Initiative Member

Opportunity for parents to provide children a competitive advantage by daily interaction with educational and active programming designed and delivered by world class international experts.

Family-oriented program encouraging healthy lifestyles and building healthy habits proven to better prepare children academically and socially in an international environment while developing English language skills.

Providing an environment for kids that is competitive, social, and encourages peer support with rewards encouraging small steps that will turn into lifelong habits.

Health Activity InitiativeHealth Activity Initiative

IWS collaborates with a number of different organizations to provide top quality care for international schools and athletic groups across China and top sports organizations to partner with to provide activities for H.A.I. members.

For more information about the Health Activity Initiative Program please visit the website (Chinese).