The Most Unhealthy Diet Habit

What’s the #1 diet habit holding you back? Are we talking about eating pizza at 3am? Eating chips and drinking soda? Eating on the run? While all of these are pretty detrimental to your health and happiness, it’s still not the most detrimental diet habit. What’s the worst culprit? 

Using a Jolt of Java to Keep the Pain at Bay

Everyday more than 4 billion people start their day with a cup of java to wake up, brush the sleep away and get going for the day. While most people drink coffee to get their day off to the right start, many are not aware of the health benefits associated with coffee: decreased risk of developing dementia,

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What to Eat for Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin comes from nourishing it from the inside out. Creams, whether expensive or cheap doesn’t do much at all. We’ve compiled a list of foods that work miracles for your skin. Most of them are very affordable, low in calories and delicious!  Here is a list of food for beautiful skin.