IWS + H.A.I. in Family Fun Fair at Shanghai Center

Family Fun Fair

IWS participated in the fourth annual Family Fun Fair at Shanghai Center, an event for families across the city promoting healthy & happy lifestyle in Shanghai. IWS works with Health Activity Initiative, a program tailored for kids aged 4 to 11 with focus on improving their overall physical and mental health by organizing weekly indoor and outdoor events.





Health Activity Initiative (H.A.I.) is a comprehensive wellness plan for kids aged 4-11 and families focusing on the importance of a healthy lifestyle – making exercise and fitness a lifelong habit. H.A.I. uses smartphone technology to deliver daily original health education and fitness programs in an engaging way while collaborating with sports and activity providers to provide access to fun and active indoor and outdoor programming.

For more information about the H.A.I. program, please contact Anna at acook@westernsurg.com


Rules to Prevent your Kids from Getting Injured in the Playground


Playgrounds are fun and exciting places for children to build dexterity, strength, endurance and learn how to make friends. Kids are quite inventive and sometimes use playground equipment in many different ways which are unsafe. According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) in the United States, more than 156,000 children under age 14 are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries occurring on public playgrounds. Many of these are preventable, or could have been less severe. Continue reading “Rules to Prevent your Kids from Getting Injured in the Playground”