Relieve Your Lower Back Pain With These Poses

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Yoga’s not just for women, or just for people who like to meditate. It’s not just for the super bendy or for people who don’t like to work up a sweat. It is for everyone because it’s functional. It improves movement patterns, corrects muscle imbalances and alignment. It requires you to move through a full range of motion as you enhance dynamic flexibility. Here are the four poses that helps relieving your lower back pain.

Squat for Lower Back Pain


With your legs slightly wider than hip-distance apart, your weight in your heels, bring your hands to your chest in a prayer position. Press your hips back and bend your knees as you squat down as far as you can, until your glutes are just a few inches from the ground.

Press your elbows to the inside of your knees to keep them aligned with your toes. As you breathe slowly, sink your tailbone toward the floor and lift your chest to lengthen your spine.

Hold the squat for 15 to 20 seconds, stand, then repeat three or four times.

Cat-Cow for Lower Back Pain


On all fours – palms beneath shoulders, knees beneath hips – with your back flat, take a deep breath and look up, drawing your chest forward, hollowing out your low back and pressing your tailbone upward.

On your exhale, reverse the movement, lowering your head between your arms as you tuck your tailbone under and stretch your back up toward the ceiling like a cat.

Continue alternating between Cow and Cat Pose on each inhale and exhale for three to five cycles.

Downward Dog with Foot Pedal for Lower Back Pain


You can transition into Downward Dog from Cat-Cow. After taking a breath in and moving into Cow Pose (head and chest up, low back hollowed, tailbone reaching high), tuck your toes under.

On the exhale, press through your toes and lift your knees from the floor, pressing your hips high into the air as you extend your elbows and knees, dropping your head between your arms.

Your body should look like an inverted “V.” Press through your palms and the balls of your feet as you try to reach your heels toward the floor (they don’t have to touch). Allow your head to hang loose.

From this position, begin pedaling your knees, bending one knee as you straighten the other for a deeper calf stretch, then alternating legs. Continue pedaling your legs for three to five breaths.

Child’s Pose for Lower Back Pain


You can transition into Child’s Pose from Downward Dog by simply lowering your hips until your body reaches high plank position – body straight as you balance on your palms and the balls of your feet. From high plank, place your knees on the ground, spread wide, your feet touching.

Press your hips back until you are sitting on your heels, your arms on the ground in front of you. Reach your palms farther forward to lengthen your spine and feel a stretch through your shoulders as you allow your hips to become heavy, sinking further into your heels.

4 Reasons For Back Pain

low back pain

About 80% of people experience back pain at some point and many of us don’t know the cause. points our the 4 reasons why your back might hurt. Take a look at these 4 reasons your back hurts, and try to figure out if you’re increasing your odds for injury.

Some triggers for back pain and things to avoid include, sitting at your desk all day, smoking, carrying heaving bags, and wearing high heels.

Back Pain causes

Other than avoiding these trigger points, there are smart steps you can take to avoid it, such as doing specific moves that help prevent back pain, or strengthening your core in general, which helps support your back.

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