What our Patients Say about our Services

I saw Dr Southern on several occasions and was very satisfied with his totally professional support. My treatment required emergency surgical treatment which I received from Dr Southern – He explained everything to me, was very professional and he solved my problem.  I cannot praise him enough!

Stephen D.

We were extremely pleased with how Dr. Southern treated our daughter’s broken leg.  He went out of his way to give her care including finding a walking cast in her size and having it shipped from the US.  We’d highly recommend him to anyone.

Zoe R.

We were so satisfied with our time with Dr. Southern. He spends time with you and makes you know he cares. We were considering surgery here in China and Dr. Southern made us feel very informed. We have recommended him two or three times to people in need.

Lynn F.

My son was suffering with frequent heel pain during football practices. The trainer recommended we see Dr. Southern who diagnosed him with Severe’s Disease which is what the trainer had thought it may be. We had X-Rays to confirm and good information as to how to reduce pain going forward.

Crista L.

Dr. Southern was excellent in recognizing what was going on with me and setting up a program to resolve my medical issues.  I broke my collarbone in China while cycling. I initially went to another physician who performed surgery on my collarbone. About two months later I developed a severe infection, which was not picked up by the physician who performed the surgery.  I went to seek a second opinion and was referred to Dr. Southern.  Dr. Southern immediately recognized the issue and schedule emergency surgery to remove the plate in my shoulder and drain the area of infection.

I honestly can say that without Dr. Southern I might not be here today.  I have since moved to England and have picked up with a physician here, who has commented that I was very lucky to have found Dr. Southern.  I cannot agree more.  I would recommend Dr. Southern to any prospective clients and would even go so far to say that I would not trust anyone to treat me other than Dr. Southern in China.

Michael G.