The Most Unhealthy Diet Habit

What’s the #1 diet habit holding you back? Are we talking about eating pizza at 3am? Eating chips and drinking soda? Eating on the run? While all of these are pretty detrimental to your health and happiness, it’s still not the most detrimental diet habit. What’s the worst culprit? 

Wheat Consumption

Gluten is a wheat protein found in breads, pastas and anything that has the ingredient “wheat”. Yes, this includes 100% Whole Grain bread too. We could also discuss the “consumption” of gluten that happens when you use mainstream health care products such as soaps, shampoos and other similar items. These can trigger the same sensitivity issues and neurodegenerative effects that eating gluten can have.


Exposure to Gluten Proteins From Wheat Can Cause:

● Inflammation
● Headaches
● Joint Pain
● Digestive Issues

Why are we talking about gluten in an post about unhealthy habits? Simply because the majority of us consume gluten in many forms all day, every day.

Look on the box on any processed food item, sauce, dressing, marinade or other foods. the ingredient wheat or wheat flour is found in almost everything! It’s extremely cheap to produce and has a long shelf life.

What to Eat Instead of Gluten Foods?

Next time the waiter brings you a warm, gooey basket of dinner rolls, skip them and add some of the butter to your meal. Who eats bread by itself anyways? Bread is just the vehicle for the real thing we love–butter!


Easy Switches to Gluten-Free Foods

● Instead of spaghetti and meatballs, opt for the gluten-free brown rice noodles
● Instead of bread and butter, eat an organic potato with butter
● Instead of a bagel with cream cheese, try some full-fat organic yogurt
● Instead of a sandwich, opt for the lettuce wrap or eat the part we really love…The meat and cheese! Opt for raw cheese if available.

Instead of crackers and cookies, opt for organic blue corn chips. Organic corn isn’t a problem for most people.